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Board of Elders

Elders are called to discern God’s will and direction for our church. As the heads of various ministry teams, elders work with members in the congregation and other Trinity staff to see through Trinity’s day-to-day operations, programs, ministries, missions, and finances. Elders gather once a month for a formal Session meeting and are committed to their area of ministry for three years. For a brief description of each team’s responsibilities and the elders serving on that team, click on the links at the right.

Session Update February 2019

Session recently spent a weekend retreat working on a 7-year Vision Plan for Trinity.  The reason for a 7-year plan, as opposed to a 5-year or 10-year plan is that Trinity will be 150 years old in 7 years.  A Vision Team was formed at the February session meeting and has been charged with taking the information generated by the session as a whole and distill it into an articulated vision.  All of this will be shared with the congregation once the process is complete.

Human Resources Update
Long time staff member Sandy McDonnell has given notice of her resignation and her plans for relocation to Florida.  Sandy has served as the Communications Coordinator and has been a key person for overseeing the Trinity News, working on the website and managing the church database.  Kris Barnett, our current Children’s Coordinator, will be taking Sandy’s position.  Deanna Isbell, a part-time Children’s Ministries Intern, will be stepping into Chris’s vacated position.  We are truly grateful for the many years of service Sandy has given to Trinity.

The search process is continuing for the next Director of Children’s Ministries as well as the next Director of Adult Discipleship.  Search teams have been reviewing resumes for both positions and conducting interviews.  We eagerly await the candidate that God is directing the teams to choose. 

For January 2019, Trinity had a Ministry Operating Surplus of $8000.  Pledges for Finishing Well are continuing to come in and expenses for the building project are waning.  In February, a substantial payment will be made against the loan balance to pay it down.

Finance recommended to session the approval of funds up to $50,000 to replace the mixing console and upgrade the projector in Fellowship Hall.  The mixing console is outdated and suffers from a variety of malfunctions and the projectors are imperative for the transmission of the sermon between venues.  The Finance Committee is additionally considering a variety of other capital projects that have been brought forth and will be working on prioritizing these projects and developing a time frame for addressing them.

Session meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, with occasional exceptions. For a complete copy of the minutes of a session meeting, contact  or 714.505.6254 x102.

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