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Board of Elders

Elders are called to discern God’s will and direction for our church. As the heads of various ministry teams, elders work with members in the congregation and other Trinity staff to see through Trinity’s day-to-day operations, programs, ministries, missions, and finances. Elders gather once a month for a formal Session meeting and are committed to their area of ministry for three years. For a brief description of each team’s responsibilities and the elders serving on that team, click on the links at the right.

Session Update November 2017

On November 5, the congregation met for the Annual Congregational Meeting to elect officers, to receive the 2018 budget and terms of call for the pastors as well as to hear updates from various committees of session.

The following individuals were elected as officers to serve Trinity:

Class of 2020 Elders
Chris Bramel, Student & Family
Dennis Duncan, Safety & Security
Brenan German, Leadership Development
Dick Lee, Equipping
Lesley Stewart, Worship & Music
Barbara Tucker, Communications
Ben Williams, Missions

Class of 2020 Deacons
Rob Boyd, Assistance Fund
Jean Brackney, PrimeTimers
Margaret Ferguson, PrimeTimers
Pam Frohreich, Communion
Suzanne Gilmore, Disabilities
Barbara Harayda, PrimeTimers
Viera Hillis, Samaritan Care
Anna Isbell, Congregational Life
Suzanne Kameya, PrimeTimers
Jess Marr, Disabilities
Suzi McClay, Community Pantry
Rick Miller, New Members
Duane Severa, Community Pantry
Roger Sprigg, Communion
Chris Troutt, Communications
Jon Upham, New Members

2018 Nominating Committee
John Roberts, Elder Chairman *
Bill Schertle, 2018 Deacon Moderator*
Chris Hoppe+
Tina Knief
Steve Maurath+
Cassie Poole
Chad Sellers+
Robin Vanden Berge
Jan Wilson
*session-appointed members (elders & deacons)
+new members to the committee

Bill Peck, Barry Adnams and Pastor Jeff Wagner reviewed the progress of the new construction as well as the expanded vision for the project.  The campus-wide improvements will include 4 new structures including the Center, the Lodge & Backyard, the Storage Shed and the Welcome Plaza & Visitors Reception area.  The improvements will also include 6 major remodels:  the Promenade, the 400 building/youth rooms/HUB, the 100 and 200 classrooms, the Children’s Courtyard, the Administration & Christian Education Buildings and the 17th Street play area/signage/landscaping. The original scope of the project was $4.5 million dollars.  There were several expanded opportunities that were identified but not financially estimated in 2014 when the budget was set.  These items included 17th street landscape, shade structures over play structures, expanding the promenade through campus, solar panels and additional cooperative parking with La Loma Elementary school.  These projects expanded the budget to $5.5 million dollars.  While the construction has been underway, there have been a large number of infrastructure improvements/deferred maintenance issues discovered.  Looking ahead to finishing the project, several additional projects have been identified that would be cost effective to address while under construction and in order to develop a more cohesive campus at the conclusion of the project.  These additional projects include fully equipping the Center building (bleachers & stage, full service kitchen, tables/chairs, a/v equipment), upgrading and enlarging the hardscape and landscaping (east entry to Welcome plaza, Promenade area and backyard, patio area outside sanctuary), adding a children’s play area along 17th street, upgrading the children’s courtyard outside the early childhood building, new signage and landscaping along 17th street, paving and seal-coating the entire parking area and remodeling the Administration building.

The timeline for finishing the core concept scope of work is scheduled for March 2018 including final inspections and permits.  The hope is to have the promenade through the center of campus in use by Christmas.

The total cost for construction is $6.5 million plus approximately $200,000 in anticipated interest expense for the session-approved bank line of credit.   The Two Steps Forward fund has received $6.8 million in cash and pledges (to be received) through September 2017.  This includes the following funds:

$734,553       Children’s Ministry Center funds brought forward at 6/1/14
$4,440,128   Gifts received from 6/1/14 through 12/31/15
$783,313       January-December 2016 Income
$314,280      Gifts from pledges received January-August 2017
$181,500       3 gifts given above the pledges in 2017
$15,466          September Income (excluding $27,500 gift)
$340,000      *estimated pledges yet to be paid (net of shrinkage) at end of September 2017
$6,764,240      Total received and pledged

($1,943,498) Less dismissal and transition expenses paid in 2015-2016
($26,960)         Less final payment to the Presbytery of Los Ranchos in August 2017
$4,793,782      Available Funds for Construction

In order to “finish well”, Trinity needs about $2 million more in 2018 and a second-phase capital campaign will be launched in the spring toward this goal.

Current Financial Position

As of the close of October, Sunday offerings have fallen behind plan by 3%.  November and December are very important months for giving in order for Trinity to finish strong and end the year with a balanced budget.  A plan has been communicated to the congregation that if each regular attender and member gives an additional $135, Trinity will end the year with a balanced budget.

Session meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, with occasional exceptions. For a complete copy of the minutes of a session meeting, contact  or 714.505.6254 x102.

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