Continuing To Experience God

We are two-thirds of the way through our Experiencing God sermon series and study. How are you doing? I have heard so many encouraging stories and comments:

“This is the first time I have come close to having a regular time with God,” one person told me. “I have usually prayed most days and read my Bible occasionally, but this workbook has helped me to have a specific study that I could do for just 15-20 minutes a day.”

“Honestly, when you asked us on the first Sunday what we thought about God’s involvement in the world today,” a person admitted, “I realized that my working assumption has been that God is only involved in the world occasionally, and mostly in the lives of others, not me. That was a wake-up call!!

One of our young adults said, “I’ve grown up at Trinity and always seen it as an exciting place. But I think our congregation is on the brink of even greater things! Experiencing God has helped me see God moving in so many relationships and in so many circumstances. I see it every day.”

A long-time Trinity person commented, “I think that, for a long time, many people at Trinity have been looking for where God is at work and joined him! We just never said it this way.” And I agree! I think of Laurel House as a great example. Laurel House got its start 30 years ago when Nadene Holub, a member of Trinity, was a nurse with the Tustin Unified School District. Too often when she prescribed a day of rest, teens told her they didn’t have anywhere to go. So Nadene called friends, asking if they could take homeless and runaway teens in for a couple days. Soon friend Elinor Tompkins, also of Trinity, suggested a more permanent solution. With seed money from several churches, the two women founded Laurel House in 1985. Laurel house has evolved into a unique, preventive-care program providing temporary housing and care for teen girls at risk of homelessness or who are runaways because of volatile family situations. Trinity English Center is another example, but I won’t elaborate now.

God is at work in our world today and calls us to be partners in that work. But above all, God wants to be in a dynamic, vital, moment-by-moment relationship with us. My hope, of course, is that when the formal study of Experiencing God concludes, our experience of God will continue to grow and deepen and move us into active partnership with God in creative ways. You might also consider doing the study again with a different group of your friends or neighbors. This study could become a regular “offering” in a congregation’s life.

God created you for joyful fellowship and for active partnership, joining God’s work in the world. Don’t settle for less.

See you in church!