Don’t sell yourself short

Most people underestimate their influence and impact. We tend to think we’re not that important and that we don’t have much to contribute. Think again. One little comment, one act of kindness, one text, phone call, email or card can really touch a person.

I still remember a phone call from a man I barely knew in our Trinity family who reached out when he learned I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Matt’s call gave me direction and clarity. I can’t express how much his brief call helped.

One way to think about this is to realize our way of living will make people either confused or curious. They will be confused if we claim to be a Christian, but live just like them in every way. Even those who don’t really understand our faith have certain expectations about how one of Jesus’ followers “should” act, speak and behave. Are our lives consistent with our faith?

I think it’s an adventure to make people curious. By that I mean living in a way that intrigues people. Our “Mexico Build” with families is an example. Friends and neighbors are really fascinated by the opportunity to do something tangible and meaningful—like building a home for a family in Mexico in just 2 days! They want to be a part of that. People are curious if we truly know what we believe about some of life’s most basic issues and can share that with gentle confidence. They are curious if we live in a way that demonstrates healthy priorities. They are intrigued when they see deep, spiritually-based friendships.

Are you living in a way that makes others curious? So that they are intrigued and may even say, “I want what you have.” That’s the purpose of the next phase of our BELIEVE series. As part of our vision to be a community fully alive in Christ, we are committed to your spiritual formation. This program year, from September 2017 through mid-June 2018, we are studying the BELIEVE series. I’m calling the second theme of the BELIEVE series “LifeShaping,” learning to “Act like Jesus.” What should we do as Jesus’ followers? This section focuses on spiritual practices in daily life that shape our inner life and outward behavior. We will learn how to make our faith a way of life by developing “holy habits,” consistent practices in thought, speech, and action as individuals and in community. Our goal is to let Jesus make a difference in us so we make a difference in the world.

If you don’t already have it, get the BELIEVE book at church. It contains the key scriptures for the entire 30 weeks as well as the BELIEVE Study Guide. Use both for personal reflection and small groups.

See you in church!

Faithfully yours,

Doug Rumford