If you could summarize the last 12 months in one word, what would it be?

That’s the check-in exercise we do every year at the West Coast Presbyterian Pastors’ Conference at Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center, near Santa Cruz. The average attendance is 150-175 pastors. So how can you catch up with your colleagues, most of whom you haven’t seen in the last year, in one hour? When we gather the first night, Monday evening, we separate in four groups of 40-50 for “check-in.” Each person gets 60 seconds (for a bunch of pastors??!!) and is to begin with one word that summarizes your last 12 months of life and ministry. It’s a wonderful discipline to discern the major theme of God’s work in your life over the last year.

My word this year? “Finally!” I am so excited to see so many plans finally coming into place in so many areas. I don’t want that to sound like the last 10+ years haven’t had major highlights. I thank the Lord for every day Sarah and I have been privileged to share life and ministry with God’s people at Trinity. But we are now in a “harvest season.” And that’s reason to celebrate.

The elders have a good grasp of our Vision Frame and are developing and implementing wonderful initiatives for Building a Community Fully Alive in Christ.

The staff has really come together with the addition of some new members and the commitment of all of us to serve our Lord and this congregation based on our core values of being Grace-Based, Vision-Driven, Servant-Hearted, and Problem-Solving.

I’ve begun a new initiative called Leading in 3D. L3D (as we call it) is a community experience in personal, spiritual and vocational formation for increasing the participant’s leadership and influence in the world and in the church. The goal of Leading in 3D is to empower people to be fully alive in Christ by equipping them with knowledge, attitude, behaviors and skills to make a positive difference through their influence and service. I’m just completing the first Mentor Cohort with 12 Trinity members this May and will begin a new one in August.

And of course, the completion of The Center and campus improvements is the fulfillment of over a decade of dreams.

But “Finally” does not mean final. We’re not done yet! As the saying goes, we’ve only just begun!

See you in church!

Faithfully yours,

Doug Rumford