How Was Church?

Sunday afternoons I ask myself,
Be honest, how was church today?
Prayerfully, I ponder what
The pastor truly had to say.
And me, did I sing with joyful love?
Did I surrender to Christ anew?
It’s not how church lifted me, but
Adoring God―how did I do?
Charlotte Adelsperger, 1999.
Charlotte is a poet-friend of ours from Kansas City. I appreciate the gracious way Charlotte shifts
our focus from thinking about what “we got from church” to considering how we engaged with
God during church. That’s a difference-maker! I believe God is calling us to have this focus as we
enter 2016. Church is not about what we get, but about what God is doing in and through us.
And God is doing something wonderful at Trinity. You can feel it. There’s an energy, an
engagement, and a sense of joy that’s palpable. Even now, I think back to the testimonies shared
at our Thanksgiving Eve service, believing there were many more that could be shared.
As we enter the New Year, I would like to share five “holy dreams” I have for God to work in
our lives.
First, I am praying for God to remove any barriers that keep us from being fully alive in
Christ. Barriers of regret, shame, heartache, unbelief, resentment, disinterest—you get
the idea. Obliterate them, Lord!
Second, I am praying for us to experience the joy of community and friendships that
are safe and spiritually encouraging. Lord, make this a place where people can
experience the grace and truth that sets us free.
Third, I am praying for us to discover one thing we can do to make a difference in the
lives of others who live and work with us. Lord, show us how we can be part of your
work every day, in simple ways.
Fourth, I am praying for us to know the peace of trusting God to guide and provide in
all situations, especially those in which we’ve lost hope. Lord, give us the sense of
confident trust in your love and provision.
Fifth, I am praying for God to bring revival! Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit on us
and our community!
Next December, when someone asks, “How was church?” I pray we will be ready to say, “Got an
hour? Because I can’t wait to tell you what God is doing!!”
May it be so in this New Year, Lord! May it be so!

See you in church!