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Sermon Series: The Treasure Principle

Unlock the Secret to Joyful Giving.  Money is a powerful spiritual force. Too often the church makes one of two mistakes. We either talk about our “need” for money too much, or we avoid it because we don’t want to make people uncomfortable. People need to understand the spiritual power and the serious limitations of money, especially in our culture.

 Small Group Questions:
Sunday, April 23
Sunday, April 30 (this is a break from The Treasure Principle)
Sunday, May 7
Sunday, May 14
Sunday, May 21

Sermon Series: Jesus Revealed
This series focuses on the nature, work and mission of Jesus Christ.
Small Group Questions:
Sunday, March 5 
Sunday, March 12
Sunday, March 19
Sunday, March 26
Sunday, April 2
Sunday, April 9
Sunday, April 16 -EASTER

Small Group Series: ALIVE!
Download the ALIVE! Guide Book.
Leaders can pick up your ALIVE! Leaders Guide in the Adult Ministry office.

ALIVE! On a Journey to becoming fully alive in Christ is a course designed to help you experience what it’s like to become mature in Christ. ALIVE! presents a definition of discipleship (following Jesus daily) modeled on six characteristics we believe best represents what it means to be fully alive in Christ.

ALIVE!  Supplemental Small Group Questions –
Week 1 – Live Giving Community
Week 2 – Passionately Loves God
Week 3 – Hungers for God’s Word
Week 4 – Pursues God’s Call
Week 5 – Joyfully Reveals the Good News
Week 6 – Demonstrates Christ-Like Character
Week 7 – Conclusion; Staying Alive!

We encourage you to use these materials with your small group. Please visit the ALIVE webpage to watch or download Pastor Doug’s introductions for each week.

Leader Resources

We have found when all our small groups live by a set of core values, we can stay on our mission of making disciples as a church. May these values ground you as a leader and help guide your small group thrive together.

Small Group Covenant

Small Group Values
The Power of a Small Group Agreement
Small Group Self Evaluation
Helpful Tips For Small Group Leaders
Habits of a Life-Changing Small Group Leader
Room Reservation Form

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