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August 6-12





Trinity will host homeless families from Family Promise of Orange County August 6-12.
The families will stay overnight in classrooms on campus. Help show God’s love to them
as they work to achieve independence. This is a great way to serve individually, or with
your family or small group.

Volunteer opportunities include:
– Donate healthy breakfast/lunch food
– Prepare meals
– Provide general hospitality
– Stay overnight with the families

Use this link to sign up: Family Promise Hosting

Contact Melody Mosley ( or Janis (

Sunday, August 6 @ 12PM in Fellowship Hall

You don’t want to miss this lunch with John & Gwen Haspels and hear their inspiring story!

For nearly 40 years Gwen and John Haspels lived as mission workers in Africa, teaching love and forgiveness in cultures of violence. In Ethiopia, the native Suri would often tell the couple that they could not understand the depth that kind of forgiveness requires, but on October 1, 2014, the tragic events that unfolded on a rural road in Ethiopia changed that.

On that day, as the couple traveled on a road to a house they were building for a Bible translator—a road they had traveled dozens of times—a gunman jumped out of the bush and fired. A car window was open, and a bullet hit Gwen just above the lip, shattering her jaw. Many of the 20 teeth she lost turned into razor-sharp projectiles and hit John’s arm and chest. A bone fragment hit him in the eye.

“The first of many miracles was that neither of us went into shock,” he said. “Gwen wiped the blood from my eye, and we drove away as fast as we could.” They were told later that the man who fired the gun quickly disappeared into the bush with a blanket over his head, a sign of shame. Because they were driving a different vehicle that day, they felt certain he didn’t recognize them until after he fired.

They drove to the nearest town and then were transported by ambulance to a hospital in Addis Ababa. The couple’s doctor told World Mission’s regional liaison for the Horn of Africa, the Rev. Michael Weller, that more than 200 people gathered at the rural hospital to show their love and support. Almost 1,000 were present when the couple left the airport in Addis Ababa for a Level 1 trauma center in South Africa, one of the best in the world.

“They came through the emergency room wailing, and some collapsed with grief,” said Gwen. “Some even came into the operating room. There was no way to keep them out. It’s simply the way they show love and concern.”

Some weeks after the attack, a group of Suris told John they were going to find and kill the man who shot at them. He immediately said “no” and began an ongoing conversation about forgiveness. Daughter Heather spoke with the Suri representative to parliament, Lanjoy, who is a personal friend of the couple, to communicate the family’s message and their sincere desire that the man who did this would come to know Jesus. The Suris were told that John and Gwen were not angry with them “and continue to love them as they always have.”

“We have always taught the importance of praising God, of forgiveness and reconciliation, and now we have the chance to live it,” said Gwen. “The cycle of killing and revenge must be broken among the Suri people. It can only be done by the heart-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ by forgiving and being forgiven.”

On the anniversary of the incident, John headed back to Ethiopia to baptize 1,000 new Christians. John also wanted to see the man who shot them and offer his forgiveness. “Our prayer is that he will come to know Jesus,” said Gwen.


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