Slowing Down to Get Fast

Many years ago a college professor friend in Fresno, Vince, shared his observations about the time-saving benefits of technology. “Doug, my problem is that these time-saving devices take so much time to learn. You have to slow down to get fast.”

You have to slow to get fast. That will preach! In so many ways: slow down to learn to experience God’s presence; slow down to get to know someone at a deeper level, and slow down to recover your energy. Slowing down, made room for me to pay attention to a new call to write.

For years a number of people have been urging me to “start a blog.” (What’s a blog? Blog is a short form for the word ‘weblog.’ A blog post is an online personal journal or essay where you share information, thoughts, ideas—or whatever you like). Candidly, I have resisted and even dreaded the thought of one more weekly project. Anyone who has tried to write a special message (like our students for Youth Sunday, or groomsmen and bridesmaids for one of the toasts at a wedding, or those who share special memories at a funeral or memorial service) knows that these messages don’t “just arrive” fully-written on our computers. They take time—more than anyone who hasn’t tried them will ever guess. And week after week…Lord, have mercy. Would I have the energy and motivation to write a weekly post? Would I run out of ideas? Once you start a blog and people start to follow you and forward your posts, you don’t want to lose momentum. And then there was the technical stuff like getting my own domain, hosting and formatting my blog. Should I use WordPress or SquareSpace or Blogger or Tumblr (See what I mean? It’s a bit complicated!).

I needed the mental space and emotional energy to think all this through. These past few months, thanks to the blessings of my mini-sabbatical (for which I thank you!), I’ve had the joy of slowing down enough to “graze” in my reading and writing without the weekly pressure to produce a sermon, an article, or a study for one group or another. And I could finally tackle my blog project. I’m calling it “Heart and Mind: A Spiritual Journal.” You can find it at my own domain ( It’s been refreshing and energizing to get this started. In fact, there were many days when I started three or four blog posts. By mid-July I had nine blog posts “in the cue” for publishing and a fun list of ideas scheduled for months to come.

So let me say again, “Thank you, Trinity, for the gift of my mini-sabbatical break time!” It was great to slow down— and I truly missed you!!

See you in church!

Faithfully yours,

Doug Rumford