Staying Alive

We have been through a wonderful season of exploring Trinity’s portrait of being a disciple in our ALIVE! course. Well over 700 adults, youth and children heard weekly messages on the themes and studied the material in small groups (at church and in homes). We could sense the energy and joy generated by our intentional engagement in becoming people fully alive in Christ.

So now what? We’ve completed this course, but that’s just the beginning. The real joy comes from making your new spiritual focus a “holy habit.” Hopefully, it goes without saying there are important elements for cultivating spiritual vitality that should mark every person’s faith walk. Daily Bible reading, prayer and weekly worship are essential—like cardiovascular workouts for physical health. But you’ve now been through an accelerated time of spiritual growth, and reached a new level of vitality. Let me remind you again of four simple steps for staying ALIVE! at this new level.

First, go back over the ALIVE! workbook again for the next six weeks. Take it week by week. You will be reminded of important truths, insights and practices that were very helpful. You’ll also be amazed at what you discover the second time through. If you didn’t get a printed copy of ALIVE!, you can download the ALIVE! pdf of it on our website under

Second, purchase one of the books recommended in the “Going Deeper” materials and read it on a regular basis. There are enough recommended books to last you for a few years!

Third, continue in your small group—perhaps reviewing the study or focusing on one of the additional resources. If you haven’t connected with a small group that’s continuing, we’ll help you. Or find a friend who will enter into a “spiritual friendship” with you.

Fourth, start (or continue) a daily prayer journal. This is a means for paying attention to your inner life, your soul. It is also a means of looking for God’s activity throughout your day. When you review your day, you look back over your day for occasions when God was working—and you may have missed it. Personally, I put all “coincidences” in this category.

Staying Alive taps God’s promise in the Law of the Harvest: “A person reaps what he sows. Whoever sows…to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life” (Galatians 6:7-9).  God has so much more for us on our life-long journey of faith. Go for it!

See you in church!