Time For A Break

On My Heart

Time For A Break!

A message from Pastor Doug Rumford

I’m very grateful that, after completing over 101⁄2 years at Trinity, Session has granted me a partial Sabbatical. I will be off on a combination vacation and sabbatical for 10 weeks, beginning May 31. You can see the rationale for a sabbatical in an article by Julie Turner, Clerk of Session, in the Session Update. Briefly, it is a time for rest and refreshment.

I have FOUR primary goals for this time. The first is Rest: Trinity’s mission is “building a community fully alive in Christ.” Rest is a crucial element for being fully alive. I am eager to have time to make space for God and for my own personal refreshment by being freed from the pressure of daily and weekly deadlines and meetings. I have “given my all” for Trinity and think I may be more weary and spent than I realize. This rest will include vacation time both with our Celtic Christianity Tour to Scotland and Ireland and a family vacation. It will also include times of rest when I don’t try to “fill the schedule,” but allow life to come to me.

My second goal is to Read: I have three primary goals in reading. The first is in the area of personal leadership and spiritual formation. One of my ministry priorities is intentional leadership development. I am developing a list of key books as resources in my continued work on “Leading in 3D,” my leadership development initiative. The second area is reading on governance and leadership. This would be in preparation for my “Session 2.0” goal of reframing the work of Trinity’s Session and realigning the way we conduct ministry governance and leadership. The third area of reading is in theology and spiritual formation.


My third goal is Write: I have four major writing projects that I want to explore, especially in terms of eventual publication. At this time, however, I will focus on just one of these for this sabbatical. I want to begin the re-write of my book SoulShaping. It is out of print and needs significant revision to re-launch.

My fourth goal is to Plan Preaching: I will take some of my time for developing the longer-term strategy for preaching emphases and then specific series.

I am very grateful to the Session for this generous provision and to the staff who will pick up the load while I’m away. I encourage you to remain fully engaged in the life and worship of Trinity, supporting the staff and supporting the worship and other activities.

See you in church—after a break!