Trinity: Building a Community Fully Alive in Christ

When I first arrived at Trinity nearly 10 years ago, we developed a mission statement that has worked well for us. Over the last two years, we’ve realized that we’re in a new season. You see the evidence around us in the campus improvements and new construction. More importantly, you hear it in the conversations on the patio, in small groups, and at the numerous activities on and off campus where Trinity folks gather. And you feel it in worship.

We have a new mission statement for our new season. You can see it in the title of this article: “Building a community fully alive in Christ.” Now that’s one you can memorize without much effort. But it is packed with meaning. Building: Faith grows through intentional effort, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. We are called to be more than a “service center” where “Christian consumers” meet their need. We are committed to developing as the Body of Christ and the family of God, inwardly strong and outwardly focused. A: We are not “THE” community. We have no illusions that we are a model community. But we are a valid, legitimate expression of God’s Coming Kingdom in this area. We won’t be intimidated by having to be perfect. We are excited to be involved in a holy experiment. Community: Jesus called his followers into vital, risk-taking fellowship. Our faith is not a solo venture. We believe we become far more than we could ever be alone when we move “from me to we.” Fully: Sometimes we are too easily satisfied with the status quo. But catch the inspiration from a quote attributed to Irenaeus (born 125 AD), “The Glory of God is man [humanity] fully alive.” If we’re bored with our faith, that’s not God’s fault. God has so much more for us! Alive: Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus’ followers see through the façades and false values of this world to the eternal and deeply satisfying life God intended for us. In Christ: Christ has made all this possible. Not some program, not some other person or philosophy. Jesus Christ gave his life for us so that we could live in this world by the power of his life at work within us. In the coming months we learn and live into this new mission for a great new season. See you in church—as we gather in our worshiping community!

Faithfully yours,