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Board of Elders

Elders are called to discern God’s will and direction for our church. As the heads of various ministry teams, elders work with members in the congregation and other Trinity staff to see through Trinity’s day-to-day operations, programs, ministries, missions, and finances. Elders gather once a month for a formal Session meeting and are committed to their area of ministry for three years. For a brief description of each team’s responsibilities and the elders serving on that team, click on the links at the right.

Session Update March 2019

Redesign of Trinity’s Website and App:
In March, the Session approved funds to redesign and re-launch the Trinity website and app.  The new website will be designed as a welcoming and easy tool for visitors whose first interaction with our church family is often through our website.  The website will be simple, inviting, and informative, serving as an evangelism tool.  It will also have a better capability to host media content such as video, photos and podcasts.  The current website has been a very useful tool to all of us over the years and the new website will continue to have weekly content and events available on it for our existing church family.  In addition to the website, the Trinity App will also be redesigned.  This tool will be designed primarily for our existing church community and will be structured to give access to Trinity’s weekly content and events.  Rey Kroona who grew up at Trinity and served as a ministry partner in High School ministries for many years has been contracted to do the work.

Financial Update:
Trinity experienced a financial deficit for the month of February.  Sunday offerings totaled $261,000 in February and the year to date deficit totaled ($120,000).  Giving to the Two Steps/Finishing Well campaign continues to be steady, with approximately $20,000 being received each month.  Spending for the building project is nearly complete and the balance of the account and any future income will be paid toward the remaining bank line of credit.

Session meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, with occasional exceptions. For a complete copy of the minutes of a session meeting, contact  or 714.505.6254 x102.

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