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When you ask people what they think about church these days—let’s just say they don’t respond in overwhelmingly positive ways. The good news is that God is doing a new thing. Churches are changing, and God’s Spirit is moving to touch hearts, minds, and lives in ways we desperately need—and never expected. So let me invite you to use your imagination for a few moments. What if church could be a place where you wanted to be? Where you felt like you and what the church stood for are not just important, but essential for your life—and for your community? It’s possible.

Picture this…

Picture a church community that is fully alive in Christ, where God’s presence is sensed by people when they walk on campus. Where even people who would never call themselves ‘religious’ say, “There’s something really special here…”

Where important questions are being addressed with love, respect, civility, and solid thought;

Picture a “safe” fellowship that accepts you as you are, where doubts are ok, and where you’re made to feel welcome wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Where you are accepted as you are and challenged to become so much more—to become all God wants you to be in Christ.

Where the Bible comes alive in all its wisdom and grace;

Where people are taking their inner lives (their souls) seriously and experiencing a difference in how they cope with life’s pressures and stress;

Where you’re learning practical ways to shape your attitude, knowledge, and behavior;

Where you don’t experience God’s truth as condemnation, but as an invitation to change and grow;

Where you are learning practical competencies and life skills for managing your time, your money, your priorities; your relationships;

Where you’re finding a way to use your resources to help others in your neighborhood and community;
Pictures such a church—and help us make Trinity that kind of fellowship.


We believe God wants us to be this kind of fellowship. God is working in the lives of our congregation moment-by-moment to build a community fully alive in Christ. In order to help us picture more clearly what that means, we followed a process developed by Will Mancini in his book, Church Unique, called the Vision Frame. The Vision Frame (you’ll see it on the following pages) consists of a five major aspects—like the four sides of a picture frame, with the Vision Proper as the actual picture. The four sides comprise:

Our Mission: What are we doing? It’s our unique God-given missional mandate.



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