Our various adult classes and workshops implement a comprehensive “Journey of Discipleship.” We seek to clearly define spiritual formation and provide people with many opportunities to grow as followers of Jesus, beginning right where they are. We begin with Understanding Faith, move to Engaging Faith, and then on to Living Faith.

Sunday Classes

Questions? Contact Adult Ministries  (714.505.6254  x109)

A class with worship, prayer and presentations. Topics include Christian growth, current events, mission reports, issues and Bible study. Many in this class have young to adult grandchildren.

Every Sunday | 9-10:10AM | 505 in Fellowship  Hall

We offer a variety of Sunday morning Bible studies throughout the year during first and second services. Contact Adult Ministries ( for the most current options.

A small, discussion-based class with shared teaching and leadership. Topics include Christian growth, mission reports, issues and Bible study. Many in this class have young to adult children.

Every Sunday | 10:40-11:50AM | Room 501

Unlocking the Parables

Discipleship Pathway

When you are ready to take your next steps in following Jesus, we want to be there for you.

Classes & Special Programs


Alix Riley

Director of Adult Ministries

Alix has a deep desire to lead people in the way of Jesus, equipping them to embody the gospel for the sake of the world. She has been deeply involved in church leadership, focusing on strategic engagement, spiritual formation, and missional mobilization. She has also served in academic ministry, and holds a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a BA in journalism from the University of Southern California. Alix is a writer and editor who appreciates carefully chosen words and well-crafted sentences. She begins every morning with a run and plenty of black coffee.