Day 2 // Exodus 13:17-22


Where do you need to sense God’s presence today?

Read // Exodus 13:17-22


After I graduated college, I pursued God’s call to attend seminary to be trained for ministry. “Great! We have one right down the road from my family in Orange County” I thought. Well, God had other plans. Instead of staying near to my family, fiancée, and everything familiar. God led me to North Carolina—just about as far a seminary experience I could get in the U.S.

This is often how God works! He is more concerned about us taking the right path than He is concerned with us taking the shortest path. When we actually get this, it will explain a lot of frustration in our Christian experience.

This is also exactly what God is doing for Israel. God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country even thought that road was shorter. God knew that they were not ready to face war yet, and that maybe they would change their mind and want to go back to Egypt. As it always is for us and was for the Israelites, God was gracious by putting a detour sign in their way.

When have you been frustrated with God’s timing and path? Has distance from that season shed light on how God was working for your good?


“Lord, give me eyes to see how you are working even when it doesn’t make sense to me and faith to trust you even when I cannot see.”


Take time this week to think through how God has worked in your past. Think through the times that have been the most difficult or the most prolonged. How did God work in your life? What did he grow in your heart? How do you see his faithfulness shown?

Find some time to share and celebrate this faithfulness with a friend or family member.