Day 2 // Exodus 15


Take some time to thank God for the good in your life. Ask Him to give you eyes to see the many ways He is currently blessing you.

Read // Exodus 15


What characteristics of God are mentioned in the Song of Moses?

Skim through the passage and note as many as you can find, implied or otherwise

The Israelites spend a few verses singing God’s praises, exalting His power, and thanking Him for His provision and yet, all too quickly, fall into their pattern of grumbling and complaining.

From singing to sinning.

Just like that.

Sound familiar?

These things that were written about Israel, were written as an example for us (1 Cor 10:11).

In a sense, these stories are not just something we read about in quiet time or commit to memory in Sunday school. According to Paul, they are meant to be a mirror we hold up to ourselves in order to see the depths and proclivities of our own hearts. The human disposition for grumbling and entitlement is not something that began with Millennials (despite what some may think nowadays); it lies dormant (or otherwise!) within each and every one of us waiting to bend us inwardly toward our own selfish desires and draw us away from God and the life he is calling us to.

What circumstances and situations are you most likely to turn to grumbling?

How can you remind yourself of God’s blessing, grace, and provision?


Lord, reveal any dark corner of entitlement, selfishness, and pride within us. Show us how to root it out by the power of your Spirit’s work within us. Help us to walk gratefully in the light of your grace today. Amen.”


Talk with your friends, small group, or around the table with family about your favorite song about God. How is it similar to Moses’ song here?