Day 3 // Exodus 17:8-15


How is your prayer life? What is easy about prayer? What is difficult?

Read // Exodus 17:8-15


When life get particularly challenging, it is a huge blessing to be able to lean on friends for support and guidance. In the passage from today, Moses leans on just such a blessing. This first battle with the Amalekites was extremely important for the Israelites both so they could define themselves as a people and so they would not be discouraged so early in their journey. Victory was very important but it was not a given. The Israelite’s were winning only when Moses held up his hands. But after a while, his hands grew very heavy.

That’s when Aaron and Hur stepped in. With their help Moses held up his hands and fended off, by God’s power, a potential defeat at the hands of the Amalekites.

Prayer is an essential part of our discipleship to Jesus. It’s a key way of accessing the power God has for us and connecting our lives with His plan. But often, it can be extremely difficult to lift up our weary hands to the Lord in prayer. We can often be discouraged or complacent or distracted or forgetful. That’s why, like Moses, we need to assemble a team of people who know us and can go to the Lord on our behalf. People who care about us, know our needs, and trust in the Lord’s power and care are an indispensable weapon for the fight of faith.

Who are you trusting to bring you before the Lord? Who are you bringing before the Lord yourself?


“Lord, please bring people into my life or reveal the people who are already there who can fight for me in prayer. Show me who to fight for as well.”


Meet with a friend or family member who can pray for you and you for them. Share prayer requests and develop a specific battle plan for your prayer needs. Set a regular time to pray for each other. Let each other know when you are praying for them.

Going deeper

Check out this resource for taking up prayer as a battle.