Day 3 // Exodus according to Stephen


In Acts 7, Stephen stands before the Sanhedrin and delivers a sermon which summarizes the history of the nation of Israel.

Read// Acts 7:17-36


God’s story in Exodus is our story as well. Stephen’s sermon in the book of Acts illustrates how important this story of deliverance was to how he understood his faith and his place in that community. In Exodus, we see both the faithfulness of God and the faithlessness of His people epitomized. In many ways, this dynamic between God and his people reflects our own faith journey; we continuously fail while God continues to show up and bring us back to Himself.

How does the account in Acts add to your understanding of the Exodus story so far?

How do you understand your own faith story as a continuation of Exodus?


Share with your family a time when you were grateful God responded to your unfaithfulness, not with judgement and punishment, but with goodness and gentleness.