Introduction: how to use this devotional


We are busy, hurried, restless people living in a fast-paced society. If we aren’t careful, we’ll miss the slow, quiet voice of God whispering to each of us to slow down and rest in Him. In each session of this devotional, you will center yourself in God’s presence before diving into the passage. You will be asked to answer or pray through different questions or prompts as a way to focus your heart and mind. 


Three times per week we will dive into a manageable chunk of the Exodus story in order to enter into and engage with the story of God’s work among His people. 


This section will take you through a brief commentary on the passage including a section to stir your passion for God’s word and the life he has for you in Christ. There will also be a set of reflection questions to help you unpack where you are at and what God might be calling you to. 

Apply/Moving Out/Around the Table

This section will help you step out in faith. The questions can be used in a small group setting, in a conversation with a friend, or around your family dinner table. The suggested exercises or weekly practices will push you to live out the lessons from the week. We’ll include a prayer and journaling prompt to guide you in processing how the Lord is working in your heart.