By a unanimous congregational vote,
we are excited to welcome
our new Lead Pastor!

Rev. Dr. Bryan &
Timberly Eckelmann

Bryan’s first official staff day at Trinity will be Monday, December 12.
We look forward to him preaching on Christmas Eve!

“My thought watching three of Bryan’s sermons is “I can’t wait to share this with my wife.”

My nickname for Bryan after watching sermons, reviewing materials and one meeting was “The Wise Man.”

–Dave Ujifusa

“Bryan is clearly very knowledgeable—but he’s also a people-person with a lot of wisdom and compassion.  He’s going to be your pastor as well as your preacher.

Bryan will be a pastor for ALL of the church, not just a particular niche.”

–Chris Eastwood

“Bryan is passionate about Kingdom impact in the church and the world.  He will lead Trinity in this endeavor through his reliance on the Holy Spirit and his creative and discerning vision.

Bryan’s broad experience and extraordinary leadership skills unify and ignite!”

–Lynne Kodzis

“Bryan has a huge heart and deep love for Jesus.  His experience, gifting and humble heart more than qualify him to be the next Lead Pastor at Trinity.

Bryan has the gifts of wisdom and leadership as well as a deep desire to make an impact for Christ.  I am confident this faithful servant with a humble heart is the person God chose to serve as Trinity’s next Lead Pastor.”

–Shep Bryan

“Bryan is a pastor of profound theological integrity, as evidenced by a document he crafted in 2013 to support churches discerning a move to ECO. He understands the richness and uniqueness of the Presbyterian church.

Bryan maintains a gentle and humble spirit, loves all people, mentors and optimizes gifts in others, preaches magnificently, and prays deeply. He is a perfect fit and call for Trinity in this season.”

–Karen McBrien

“I have so much admiration and respect for Bryan! He has served the Lord so faithfully in many different capacities for many years He has many exceptional pastoral gifts, but above all are: faith, hope and love. “And the greatest of these is love”.

Bryan and his wife Timberly have devoted their lives to serving God and loving people into God’s Kingdom, and I am so excited that God has called Bryan to be the next lead pastor at Trinity to carry on the wonderful work the Lord is doing through Trinity.” 

–Gene Longobardi

“One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Daniel 11:32B, “…but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” We want a leader who understands the times and is ready to display strength and take action. Bryan’s call to Trinity is guided by that precept, fueled by the gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Timberly are ready to lock arms and fight the good fight of faith for our church, town, county, and beyond.”

–Jessica Gazzaniga