One- Life’s Interruptions. God’s Invitations.

April 17, 2020

Hey everybody,

I’m over here self-isolating in my house and, like all of you, trying to figure out what life looks like and what faith ought to look like in the middle of a global crisis. Since we cannot be together as a college group, I just wanted to send out a few different resources periodically with a straightforward goal of helping you connect with the Lord in this unprecedented season.

They are going to be short. I know I don’t have your attention for long.

They are going to be simple.

They have one purpose: helping you fix your eyes on Jesus. Here’s my first quick encouragement— this season does not have to be a waste.

This is NOT just a time for you to wait for what’s next. You are not in a meaningless holding pattern. God has a purpose for your life right now. God uses life’s interruptions for His invitations. He is inviting you to go deeper with Him right here. Right now. Wherever you are.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it. Even if you're annoyed with your family or sad you’re not at school. Roman’s 8:28 says God works “all things together for the good of those who love him who are called according to his purpose.” Don’t waste this time that He has given you. Look to Him. Rest in Him. If not now, when?

Praying for you guys! ​

Director of College & Young Adult Ministry

Tanner Lowe
Director of College & Young Adult Ministry

Tanner is passionate about helping college students know Jesus and equipping them to pursue the unique purpose He has for each of their lives. You’ll find him and his wife Whitney at any and every coffee shop in Orange County or at the dog park with their golden retriever, Sunday. Since graduating from seminary, Tanner has served with young adults through preaching, leading small groups, planning worship services, and walking one-on-one with students seeking to follow Jesus. Find out more about Tanner (or more likely his dog) by checking out his Instagram: @tannerdlowe