Join us on September 10 @ 6:00PM in Fellowship Hall to learn more about the ALPHA Course.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith that typically run over 10 -11 weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome.


Each session provides great food, laughter and learning.  No question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile…questions like—Is there a God?  Why am I here?  Where did I come from?  Where am I going?  Alpha meets once per week and includes an amazing weekend getaway.

Probably the most important part of any Alpha is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, and simply discuss it in a small group. There is no obligation to say anything. And there’s nothing you can’t say. It’s an opportunity to hear from other and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.


Alpha is for everyone.  Whether you’ve been part of our Trinity family for a long time, or if you are brand new, and at any stage in your journey of faith, we hope you’ll join us for Alpha. Childcare is provided, plus … the dinner is great!


Rev. Ron Oldenkamp

Executive Associate Pastor

Ron was raised in a Christian home in Thousand Oaks, CA. Having loved Jesus all his life, he still knew he needed to publicly acknowledge Jesus as his Lord and Savior, doing so at a Christian concert [Sweet Comfort Band!]. He is happily married to Nancy, who serves as a volunteer in ministry. Ron has a heart for missions, and he loves to teach. He feels gifted by God for problem-solving and overall administration of ministries. Ron likes to spend time with Nancy playing in the outdoors — camping, fishing, gardening, and BBQing.