Advent Calendar


The Prophet Isaiah told us of the One who is named:

Wonderful Counselor
Might God
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace

He’s Coming!
People wait for a king to come.
Luke 2:25, 38

December 1

December 2

December 3

December 4

December 5


Peace is not a something but a someone.

Without Jesus there can no more be peace.

Prince of Peace

Isaiah 9:6

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

December 12


Make room for the one who give us joy.

Joy in the presence

Acts 2:28

December 13

December 14

December 15

December 16

December 17

December 18

December 19


God made plans to be back in a relationship with his people.

For God so loved

John 3:16

December 20

December 21

December 22

December 23

December 24


December 25

Christmas is Coming!

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