Two- Connecting with God Practically

April 19, 2020

Last time we talked about God using life’s interruptions as His invitations, an invitation to connect with Him, to go deeper, to know him and to live His purpose more fully. But what does that look like? Today, we’re going to take a look at a few examples of connecting with God practically. We will go into some of these features more deeply later but I just want to give you a quick fly-by of how God calls us to connect with Him in general as well as specifically for you right now.

First off, God calls all of us to connect with Him through reading Scripture, prayer, and in worship in community. These are indispensable elements of following Jesus and knowing Him personally.

Are these currently a part of your discipleship to Jesus?

More specifically, there are ways in which each of us are wired individually and differently that help us connect with the Lord. Different things stir our affections for Jesus. So, for example, pastor Doug often talks about journaling and how that helps him connect with what God is doing in his life.

I think something that would be awesome for many of you, is listening to worship music. How could that help deepen your love for the Lord in this season. Whitney likes to read a brief devotional book before diving into her Bible reading for the morning. Part of maturing in your faith is learning what helps you, with your personality and experiences, connect with God personally in addition to the standard means of grace.

You guys are adults. You need to start doing the hard work of figuring out how your heart works so that you can implement more and more habits that will help you personally connect with God and stir your affections for Him. Let’s stop putting it off. Let’s stop making excuses. If not now, then when?

Praying for you guys.

Director of College & Young Adult Ministry

Tanner Lowe
Director of College & Young Adult Ministry

Tanner is passionate about helping college students know Jesus and equipping them to pursue the unique purpose He has for each of their lives. You’ll find him and his wife Whitney at any and every coffee shop in Orange County or at the dog park with their golden retriever, Sunday. Since graduating from seminary, Tanner has served with young adults through preaching, leading small groups, planning worship services, and walking one-on-one with students seeking to follow Jesus. Find out more about Tanner (or more likely his dog) by checking out his Instagram: @tannerdlowe