Connecting college-aged students to God, the church and each other.

In school or out, career-focused or in between jobs, religious or disinterested – we believe everyone needs a place where they are known, a place they can feel at home. In our college group, we push ourselves to a radical pursuit of knowing God and ourselves in community as we continually become more like Jesus.

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Connecting with God Practically

Life's interruptions become God's invitations. Here are a few ways for you to connect with the Lord and to practically stir your affections for Jesus.

read the Bible

Or Read a Psalm a Day

Spend Time in Prayer

Use our
to help deepen your conversation with God.

Spend Time in Prayer

Go for a walk and listen to our


We gather for Breakfast Club Sunday morning for coffee, donuts and fellowship. Then we go to the Contemporary service in Fellowship Hall together @10:40AM.


Thursday nights are a time to dive into the Scriptures and wrestle with the truth of God’s Word and what it has to do with real life. We play games, worship, have meaningful conversation, and point each other to Jesus.

schedule a zoom meeting to chat about life