Taking steps to become more like jesus

Our Discipleship Pathway is a place we want every person to use as a resource to ENGAGE, BELONG, GROW, SERVE, AND MULTIPLY their faith. Your faith is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it atrophies. We’re considering how we can grow our faith in the areas of personal devotion, service and invitation. God calls us to different levels of activity according to the different seasons of our lives.

We invite you to navigate the School of Discipleship which aligns with the GROW portion of our pathway. We’ve provided small groups and Bible studies for you to participate in; along with workshop style classes on topics such as theology, leadership, parenting, marriage and even stepping into service.

Alongside that is our invitation to “Worship +2” which looks like this – attend weekly Sunday worship + one additional place to GROW and one program to SERVE in as part of your spiritual formation.

We encourage you to look through what is being offered and prayerfully consider where you’ll jump in.

What season are you in now?

What new step is God calling you to take?

How will you GROW in this season?

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Rev. Mike Kenyon

Executive Associate Pastor for Evangelism, Discipleship & Multiplication

Mike has a passion to help disciples of Jesus integrate the truth of God’s Word into their everyday lives.   He enjoys equipping people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to experience a vibrant relationship with Jesus (grounded in prayer) and to help individuals share the good news of the gospel in whatever setting God calls them. Having grown up in poverty, Mike has a heart to empower people to understand the spiritual and physical needs of the poor; and thereby respond in Christian love and service.  Mike received his MDiv at Rockbridge Theological Seminary (having completed much of his course work at Fuller Theological Seminary).  He enjoys playing basketball, tennis, singing in choral groups and filmmaking.  Mike and his wife Allison have two children; Austin and Kylie.