Jan 9 - Mar 8

Each week your family will spend time around the table talking, writing, and thinking about God. We encourage you to choose a specific time that all family members can be together and grow in their relationship with God and with others.

Create an atmosphere, turn off any distractions, light a candle, begin with prayer and open your Bible.

Remember that time together with God is worship. Create this time to build healthy habits in your growing relationship with God.

Week 1 : January 9-15

psalm 1

The Psalms have always held a special place in the devotional lives of believers.
 The reading of Psalm 1 is a wonderful introduction for your family about walking in the way of the Lord.


light a candle


open your Bible

read Psalm 1

As you read the Psalm, allow your heart to connect to the reading and try to feel what the author may be feeling.

Is the author thankful? Thoughtful? Praising? Sad? Excited?
What do you think about God’s greatness? His understanding?

write or draw how this Psalm makes you feel


A time of crazy fun games, engaging Bible lessons, and amazing worship.

Let’s learn about and grow closer to God, make new friends and have a good time!

No need to register.
Just come join the fun!

Mark your calendar for these events in 2022!

APR 22-24: Father/Daughter Weekend at Forest Home
JUN 27-30: Vacation Bible School (4 yrs to 5th grade)
JUL 12-15: Gopher Gulch (1st to 3rd grade)
JUL 24-29: Forest Home Wild Rock

Sunday School


Infant to Kindergarten

Children will be signed into their age appropriate classroom.

Children will be signed into the Early Childhood Playground.

Sunday School


1st - 5th Grade

In the New Year, join us for our series, “To Eternity & Beyond”! We’ll gather together to worship, play fun games, create crafts and discover that Jesus is better than anything else.


Trinity Kids (3yrs-4th grade) uses the TRU curriculum. The age-appropriate lessons explore scriptures chronologically. The lessons are God-focused and allow children to experience the Holy Spirit through worship experiences.  “TRU is a spiritually-forming, parent-empowering curriculum that equips children, leaders, and families to know Jesus and live out a vibrant lifetime faith” (TRU curriulum).

Trinity Kids 5th grade uses The New City Catechism by Timothy Keller. “Catechism” means to teach or instruct, and this unique curriculum comprises 52 questions and answers about what we believe. We conclude the year with the memorization of The Apostles’ Creed.


Equipping children and parents on their journey of faith.

Kindergarten is a special year for both children and parents. We want to equip parents and children with tools that are essential to a lifelong relationship with Jesus. During this Milestone, parents will present the Jesus Storybook Bible. This age appropriate Bible and will be used for church, home and daily Bible reading. We encourage children to bring their Bibles to church each Sunday and become active worshippers in Sunday school.

Our first graders discover the importance of prayer. They will learn to memorize the Lord’s Prayer and take time to study the Sermon on the Mount. The first grade leaders will guide the children through opportunities to discover ACTS – adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.

The second graders receive their very own Adventure Bibles. While preparing for Bible Sunday, the children will gain knowledge of how the Bible was written, how to use the Bible for studying and applying the Scriptures to everyday life.

The third graders will have hands-on time where teachers and parents participate in teaching about baptism and communion. The children will have an opportunity to partake in communion with the greater church community. In spring, they will discover the connection between Communion and Passover.

The fourth grade class will discover what it means to be “Living Biblically.” This Milestone teaches stewardship and the commandments. The stewardship Milestone partners with Thrivent Financial to demonstrate the importance of taking care of the resources God has entrusted to their care.

The fifth grade class will finish the year knowing and memorizing the Apostles’ Creed. This Milestone, in conjunction with their The New City Catechism curriculum, will be foundational in an ever-changing world.



Diane Grams

Director of Children’s Ministry

Diane loves Jesus and loves to share Jesus with everyone around her. She is passionate about helping families find their community and grow in their faith. With over twenty years of experience in children’s ministry, Diane is excited to be a part of the Trinity family! She loves serving the church through building communities, educating the children, and connecting families. At all times Diane can be found with a cup of coffee and cheering on the Minnesota Vikings!

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