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Global Mission Teams

Teams for Global Mission

We are expanding to form new teams with fine-tuned purposes. Our local and global outreach efforts require a wide variety of people with a wide variety of passions.

Read the descriptions, choose a team, and see how you can leave a footprint in the world as you glorify God. For more information contact

Short-Term Mission Team

This team strategizes how to make the most of our short-term mission trips – considering our current team preparation, creating new leader training as well as debriefing for our short-term mission teams. They have both a local and global focus. They construct local mission trip opportunities, such as an urban plunge in Santa Ana, as well as international short-term mission trips. They consider our current outreach destinations deciding if we should expand our short-term trips to new places around the globe.

For more information, please contact our team leader: Roy Shahbazian

Education Team

The focus of the Education Team is to impart general knowledge, to increase awareness and understanding of both local and global issues to all ages at Trinity. Consideration is given to creating educational series on various topics to raise awareness of what God is doing through his Church around the world.

For more information, please contact our team leader: Phil Gordon

Stewardship Team

This team applies faithful stewardship of Trinity’s financial resources designed to mission. We have been able to assist our mission partners with emergency medical costs, the purchase of medical equipment, repairs to storm damaged homes, and year-end gifts. We have also been able to help numerous Trinity members participate in short-term mission opportunities, and assist in the first publications of the Bible in a newly translated dialects. The Stewardship Team is also responsible for researching and proposing specific designated offerings, like One Great Hour of Sharing. Also as prospective missionaries seek Trinity’s partnership, the Stewardship Team will assist in determining whether their ministry focus is in line with Trinity’s goals and determining the amount of financial support the new Mission Partner will receive.

For more information, please contact our team leader: Dwight Bletscher

Ethiopia Suri Team

This team oversees Trinity’s ongoing work with our Ethiopia mission partners. They invest in outreach and translation efforts for the Suri and Suri-Baale who until recently were unreached people groups in the Southwest corner of Ethiopia. They also foster our relationship with the South West Bethel Synod, within which the Suri live.  They especially help the Bible School, which trains pastors (including Suri ones) and they also provide scholarships for women students.  Every year or two, a trip is made to visit the Suri, our Synod, and Trinity’s missionaries working in Ethiopia.

For more information, please contact our team leader: Giny Roundy

Missionary Care (MCare) Team

This team provides small group support, hospitality, focused prayer, encouragement and care for our Trinity missionaries who serve around the globe. They come alongside our missionaries who are home on furlough and assist with the missionaries’ special needs like transportation, housing and overall care during their visit. They help raise awareness and expose our missionaries to the wider church body by setting up opportunities for them to speak to the congregation in Adult Sunday School classes, children’s and youth classes and/or special events. Each member on this team serves as a liaison for designated missionaries to correspond with, pray for and encourage in their particular ministry context.

For more information, please contact our team leader: Dave Smith

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